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Star athlete Ash Borg rides debut winner at Hawkesbury

Ric Chapman in Interviews 19 May 2016
  • Young apprentice I've been following finally salutes on $9 chance
The gorgeous and talented Ashleigh Borg. Rode her first winner at Hawkesbury today.

This is a story I have been wanting to write for several months.

ASHLEIGH BORG has landed her first winner as a jockey....and just a couple of days after her 22nd birthday!

It was a tremendous thrill for all....on what was a very wayward horse.

Ash won on a filly she knows well, SONATA SONG ($9), at Hawkesbury on Thursday, leading all the way, but having to use all of her 41kg strength to steer the filly who at times looked like a drunk staggering home from Northies Pub down the straight.

Now, before we unpack the respective merits of this incredibly talented young woman, just some background guff.

For her past five rides, all this year, I have been writing about her mounts. Because she started her riding caerr in 2013, her efforts fascinated me. It developed into a 'Watch-and-wait-for-her-first-winner ' time clock and something suggested to me that today would be the day.

So Ashleigh Borg, well done.

But it was not surprising.

Certainly to those who know her. For this pint-sized powerhouse is an astonishing athlete.

For instance she crafted her riding talents at Pony Club, then progressed to be a show-rider, and dressage and still competes.

But she is also an elite level gymnast, with her speciality the vault!

You need to be fast, powerful, balanced, and possess impeccable timing to succeed at that sport.

Not many riders can boast that combo of talents. 

Actually NONE can.

There was a time when gymnastics dominated Borg's life. At 16 she badly injured a knee when training for the Olympics.

"I had won the national vault title but the complete knee reconstruction ended that dream," she said.

So she turned to riding racehorses.

Borg, who is apprenticed to Garry White of Hobartville Stud fame, has now arrived in this sport as well.

She can claim 4kg and being 41.5kg herself means she can ride any horse at any weight scale. 

Her mother is in Scotland right now, and woke up at 2.30am just to watch the race.

"It's hard to put what I feel into words," said Borg.

"I'm so happy about my win today and even prouder of my mount. She's a tough little filly with a lot of learning to do, so it's safe to say I'm proud of the both of us."

She's proud...and rightly so, but, oddly, so am I.

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Star athlete Ash Borg rides debut winner at Hawkesbury

Ashleigh Borg rides debut winner. And we called it.

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