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Racehorse Outsmarts Rider, Owner, Trainer and Punter at Goulburn Today

Ric Chapman in Latest News 17 Mar 2017
  • Barbara Joseph and Paul Jones trained galloper surprised everyone today
Mercurial Lad on the outside: wins at Goulburn today

We all know that racehorses are beautiful.

But are they smart, or at least highly intuitive?

Or more specifically, are they smarter than say their jockey's?

We'll leave those two questions open for discussion but MERCURIAL LAD in race 1 at Goulburn today, may have given us an insight into this evolutional debate.

He turned up to the races today, saw that it was a Heavy 8 and knew that he would be, as he always is, ridden for speed.

Which rider Kayla Nisbet did.

But he had his ears back the whole way and was not at all comfortable in the going.

So he took matters into his own hands. When he and Nisbet swung for home on the outside of the leader, all the runners stayed on the fence.

That was Kayla's intention too - but not Mercurial Lad's. He just said: 'screw this, the ground is better out wide' so he did a left hand turn once straightened and headed to the outside fence.

It cost him manty lengths initially, everyone gasped as it caught all, including Nisbet by surprise, but to her credit and great horsemanship, she let that pony run.

She went with the sudden and severe shift, and even though he was losing ground in his effort to get to the extreme outside - the move paid dividends.

You could see his legs quicken once he got onto firmer ground. He lept into action and made up that lost ground in no time at all.

Nisbet didn't pull the stick at any stage, instead she gave him his head and roared at him to keep going, which he did.

With every stride he improved his postion and she smiled. He swept down the outside to claim victory, running away.

The word mercurial means: subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind. there it is, he is smarter.

Which pleased many a punter because he was a $2.10 favourite!

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Racehorse Outsmarts Rider, Owner, Trainer and Punter at Goulburn Today

Goulburn races - Mercuiral Lad does best on all levels.

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