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Australian Guineas Speedmap - Group 1 mapped from start to finish and an Aussie wins

Ric Chapman in Latest News 3 Mar 2016
  • Mapping how the Australian Guineas will be run
  • Terrific battle between Australian and New Zealand
Tarzino can fly home off solid speed

Ric Chapman maps out how the Group 1 Australian Guineas will be run and won at Flemington on Saturday.

"And the last of them goes in, the light is now on and we are set for the Australian Guineas. How good is this Kiwi horse?

We'll all know shortly because the gates crash back and they're off.

XTRAVAGANT began ok and is mustering pace as is MAHUTA who was quickly into stride and is keen to lead. Right there it looks like we have a battle.

RIVER WILD got away much better today and is pressing forward as is RISQUE.

PALENTINO drops in behind them and is joined early by JAMEKA who isn't letting these colts get away too far early.

SAILING BY is next, followed by the former West Aussie PERFECT REFLECTION who settles just a shade worse than mid field. Next is TIVACI and BON AURUM who raced side by side with READY FOR VICTORY on their inside.

VANBRUGH is a mile back early, in front of only TARZINOTULSA and SOVEREIGN NATION whips them in.

SNOOPY is up in the leading six.

They thunder by the 400m mark and Mahuta has not been able to cross Xtravagant who refuses to give up the lead early Rawiller takes hold and races on the outside of the Kiwi. Both horses are a little fired up and running the race along at a good clip.

Two lengths behind them is Sailing By improving her position with Risque going with her. Then came River Wild whose got over to the fence.

He's followed by Perefcet Reflection so all the girls are prominent early.

Next was Jameka who travels nicely and with her is Palentino who has cover one off the fence.

Snooppy is in that clump along with Tivaci and Ready For Victory lobs along just behind them.

The pace is on up front though and these back markers are getting a fair way out of it.

Two lengths further back we have Bon Aurum and Vanbrugh.

Next is Sovereign Nation. Now Tarzino got himself back to second last at that point, and at the tail is Tulsa.

The leaders are at each other.

Passing the halfway mark and Xtravagant holds sway by a half to Mahuta and they are now five lengths clear of River Wild whose already being urged to go out after them. A length further back is Sailing By with Risque on her outside.

Now we see some movement as a few riders and getting a little concerned.

First to come on into the fray is Snoopy with on his back Palentino, and they both start to circle the field.

Perfect Reflection is there poised and Jameka now is off the bit and being ridden along. Further back is Tivaci being urged along too and Ready For Victory.

Tarzino is now last.

They start to make their way toward the home bend and with 400 to go, Xtravagant is still in charge. Leads by a half to Mahuta who refuses to go away, three lengths back is River Wild and now Risque joins in with Snoopy whipping around them. Sailing By is on the fence and Perfect Reflection is still there running on too. Tivaci is weaving between runners and wider out Palentino is chiming in.

They turn and the two-horse war continues.

Xtravagant and Mahuta, they are still three clear and now eye-balling each other. Neither wants to break.

Perfect Reflection moves to a clear third with Palentino out wide running on and Tivaci is still coming home hard between runners, River Wild has had enough, but these leaders are still clear. Mahuta, is cracking though, and the Kiwi has moved a length clear.

Now the others are coming. Perfect Refelction, Palentino and Tivaci and surging and the widest is Tarzino. He's belting down the outside.

Xtravagant leads at the 100m from Mahuta, who is out on his feet, but Perfect Reflection, Palentino and look at Tarzino rocketing home, they are all coming at him.

Xtravagant still leads the postt is looming - Tarzino is flying but Xtravagant hangs tough. Tarzino has just about got him now...they both  go to the wire, and oh I don't know, bob of the head. Maybe Tarzino in the last bound out wide has nailed Xtravagant on the line.

A length further back is Palentino followed by Perfect Reflection, Mahuta who was very brave. Then came Tulsa who rattled home with Tivaci and Vanbrugh.

This is desperately close. The judge has called on the camera....."

Finishing Order.


The came

4. Perfect Reflection
5. Tivaci
6. Mahuta
7. Tulsa
8. Sailing By
9. Vanbrugh
10. River Wild
11. Risque
12. Snoopy
13. Jameka
14. Sovereign nation
15. Ready For Victory
Last Bon Aurum

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Australian Guineas Speedmap - Group 1 mapped from start to finish and an Aussie wins

Ric Chapman maps out how the Group 1 Australian Guineas will be run and won at Flemington on Saturday.

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